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vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Tscarf goes international!

Now that Tscarfs (or grammatically perhaps more correct T-scarves) have found their way around the world, time has come to blog in English, I've concluded.

Tscarf is trying to conquer not just countries like the US, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Finland, the countries that have received Tscarfs so far, but the whole wide world!!

So what's my strategy? Networking, networking and networking! Giving stuff away, like here http://www.etsy.com/listing/65300663/black-frivolous-knitted-shawl-donated-by and sponsoring here: http://www.rikrakstudio.blogspot.com/, being active on both DaWanda and Etsy, in short, spreading the fun.

Of course, local action is also needed (and fun)! Therefore, Tscarf is participating in a great event: Fair Fashion Friday! On March 11, all hip inhabitants (well, not more than 50, otherwise we won't fit into the restaurant, Bagels & Beans) of Alkmaar (and more) are invited to come and swap clothes, listen to live music and..... shop in otherwise online only shops like ..... Tscarf! Follow this blog for all the details, which will be published soon!

And now, for the cliff-hanger, and an explanation for the photo: Tscarf is also into ragknitting! More news will follow in the next blog!

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