wooden beads from Surinam

dinsdag 20 september 2011

Knitting or crocheting?

Some people absolutely love knitting, and even dedicated a whole site to that subject, like allesoverbreien.nl but I'll stick to giving my crocheting classes, for the time being, at least!

donderdag 21 april 2011

A great Etsy Team!

Isn't it great to see how virtual communities work? And make you feel really at home in this huge world?

On Etsy, you can become a member of a team, or of several teams, and share ideas and experiences. I've become a member of three of those teams, and one of those teams is the European Streetteam.

One of the members of that team came up with a great plan: the Spring Fairy Swap. To cut a long story short, this package arrived from Mallorca, Spain!

And it contained several surprises:

And I sent something to a teammember in Belgium:

In grey and pink, because I'd been told those are colours she likes.
So we were all surprised by Santa Claus, sorry, the Spring Fairy!

zondag 27 maart 2011


For a change, Tscarf took up a culinary project, the upcycling of a cake. The only difference is that the outcome disappears fairly quickly, at least in my family, haha.

First we had this big chunk of home baked cake:

Which was then crumbled in a bowl:

Some red icing was called for:

The icing and the crumbs were mixed and rolled into balls:
These balls were given a stick, so that they started to look like lolliepops:
 And then dipped in chocolate, and..... eaten!

zaterdag 5 maart 2011


So happy that the sun is shining today, that you get a 15% discount at Etsy! Use the code SUNNYSUNDAY here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Tscarf

woensdag 2 maart 2011

Ten cheers for our local goodwill store!!

Waking up feeling happy because it's Wednesday, which means that the Goodwill Store (aka KOOK Alkmaar) is open.

Finding time and excuses to actually go there, to see if there are any woollen sweaters to be found, as I've just discovered the joy of upcycling sweaters, for a change.

Being lucky and finding two, racing home on my bike to actually put them in the washing machine.

After much thinking, finding out that part of an arm can be turned into a little bag, pouch, purse, whatever you may want to call it, to be used for your public transport card! And with the help of a red T-shirt (well, a tiny part, also found at the KOOK), a ring from a brochure and a button from, again, this great KOOK, it all became this:


donderdag 17 februari 2011

find and be found

Just like you, I usually use internet to find things. And people. And services. Now and again, though, I'm found! To tell you the truth, that is such a much rarer thing to happen, that I am surprised by it, time and again.

Only two weeks ago, a former schoolfriend of mine found me through Facebook. Nothing remarkable, happens all the time, but still, very special to hear she moved to the other side of Europe, and is now active in the same business as I am! Thanks to Skype we were able to catch up for a couple of hours, and now keep the contact going. Wonderful!

And then to be found as a business, that's just as special! Only yesterday did I give Sushi Workshops to a very nice group of ladies, because they had found me on the internet.

The latest, which also made me proud and happy: the Dutch website Ecoweetjes, which publishes news on ecological items, invited me for an interview, which I gladly gave, of course. So now you can find my first online interview here: 

in which I was asked to explain how I was inspired to start making Tscarfs, my plans for the future , etc.

In short, my slogan for today is: FIND AND BE FOUND! 

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

woensdag 2 februari 2011

Vintage glass

As a child, I was very fond of these tiny plates. It meant somebody was celebrating a birthday, and it meant we were to have something that would taste great!

Every birthday, they would appear from the cupboards at aunties' and and grannies' homes. Do I love them because of their elegance? Of their gold and white colours? Or because of the cakes and chocolate they were filled with?

Anyhow, after some hunting, I found them at my local goodwill store. The proceeds will go to buying sheep for poor people in Armenia. Isn't that a very good reason to buy there? I absolutely think so, and never feel guilty when shopping there!

The result? I bought two of these plates, glued them together with strong glue, and now they can be used for... chocolates and cakes, again!!

woensdag 26 januari 2011


An almost complete overview of my Etsy's listings, so far:

maandag 24 januari 2011

The story of the Duvetcover and the Dolphin, or: from rag to bag

As my kids decided they were way too old for this very childish (?) duvet cover, I tried to find a way to upcycle it. And found one, as you can see in this slideshow! Move your mouse over the pictures to get the story.

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

A slide show of my most recent projects:

Tscarf goes international!

Now that Tscarfs (or grammatically perhaps more correct T-scarves) have found their way around the world, time has come to blog in English, I've concluded.

Tscarf is trying to conquer not just countries like the US, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Finland, the countries that have received Tscarfs so far, but the whole wide world!!

So what's my strategy? Networking, networking and networking! Giving stuff away, like here http://www.etsy.com/listing/65300663/black-frivolous-knitted-shawl-donated-by and sponsoring here: http://www.rikrakstudio.blogspot.com/, being active on both DaWanda and Etsy, in short, spreading the fun.

Of course, local action is also needed (and fun)! Therefore, Tscarf is participating in a great event: Fair Fashion Friday! On March 11, all hip inhabitants (well, not more than 50, otherwise we won't fit into the restaurant, Bagels & Beans) of Alkmaar (and more) are invited to come and swap clothes, listen to live music and..... shop in otherwise online only shops like ..... Tscarf! Follow this blog for all the details, which will be published soon!

And now, for the cliff-hanger, and an explanation for the photo: Tscarf is also into ragknitting! More news will follow in the next blog!